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  • What are the differences between high speed injection molding machines and ordinary injection molding machines?


With the application of high-speed products more and more widely, but also more and more business friends concerned about the high-speed injection molding machine. So what is the difference between high-speed injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding machine? This topic has been discussed.
In fact, the market is high-speed injection molding machine is the whole motor, usually ordinary injection molding machine are hydraulic injection molding machine, and hydraulic injection molding machine relatively slow operation, in the country now advocate the Internet + thinking process, the traditional enterprises should adjust the injection molding machine as soon as possible , The use of energy efficient and efficient all-electric injection molding machine
At present, all-electric injection molding machine uses the servo motor to realize the opening and closing mold, the ejector mold, the raw material injects the material. And so on, the speed of operation is fast and sophisticated, greatly improve or improve the production environment and production efficiency.
Compared with ordinary injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine has the following advantages:
1. Direct drive
Mold direct drive structure, open and close the rapid response, to reduce the opening and closing time to complete
2. clamping force sensor
Installation of high-precision clamping force sensor, real-time monitoring mode clamping state, adjustable clamping force set value, reduce die loss, reduce the servo motor load;
3. Double pull type nozzle
Double-pull nozzle contact mechanism to prevent the nozzle contact when the template tilt and nozzle contact is not balanced; reduce the degree of damage to the mold.
4.Support plate
High wear resistance, low friction of the dynamic template support plate to reduce the opening and closing process of the servo motor load;
5. High standard clamping
High standard clamping force and parallelism adjustment requirements, to complete a stable state of mold clamping, reduce die loss;
6. Rack
High-strength rack design concept, the use of thick-walled structural steel combination to reduce the rapid opening and closing mold vibration;
Direct drive structure
Based on the direct drive structure as the core, to achieve high response to injection, high speed control.
1. The use of high response, low inertia servo motor, the corresponding low inertia load design way to complete the actual screw acceleration 20ms;
2. Install high-precision multi-turn absolute encoder and injection pressure sensor, to accurately control the screw position and stable sol, injection, pressure, back pressure engineering;
3. The use of shooting table rotation mechanism, easy to remove the screw assembly, effectively reduce the operating time.
4. High standard screw core beating adjustment to ensure screw life.
High-speed injection molding machine and other general injection molding machine difference:
1, ordinary injection molding machine molding process: mold - injection - cooling - storage - open mold - care - gap time.
2, high-speed injection molding machine efficient, high-speed injection molding machine using three-axis linkage, popular talk for the three circuits. Molding process: clamping - injection - cooling - open mode (synchronous care, storage) - gap time. For example, a product with ordinary injection molding machine molding time of 10 seconds, and Dekuma high-speed injection molding machine using the principle of three-axis linkage, molding time is greatly reduced by about 6 seconds, minus two small steps, but the time to increase about Half speed.
3, high-speed injection molding machine environmental protection, ordinary injection molding machine used in the standard pump, in the power, hydraulic oil and noise pollution. Summary In terms of high-speed injection molding machine with hydraulic and servo motor hybrid. Servo hydraulic system advantages are as follows: the implementation of soft-start mold, will not affect the power network, to avoid voltage, radiation pollution. Can effectively prevent the oil temperature is too high, good temperature. Greatly reducing the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. Servo hydraulic system due to a better click and power system gear pump, can greatly reduce the operation of the machine and produce noise, can better improve the working environment. High-speed injection molding machine compared to the total injection molding machine can save 60 to 70% of the total electricity, greatly reducing the cost for customers to save resources.

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