The reasons for superfluous thin wings generated at the edge of workpieces and relevant solutions

1Excessive injection Reduce the volume of injected glue
2Lack of clamping force Increase clamping force
3Excellent fluidity of material (e.g. PA/PP/PE/POM)Change material/reduce mould temperature/reduce material temperature/reduce injection pressure 
4Parting surface is not tight enough. It has gaps or debris Adjust mould. Redevelop the parts that are not closely fitted or remove debris 
5There is a large gap between sliding parts in mold cavity and coreAdjust mould. Reduce the gap between sliding parts in mold cavity and core
66. The closing part of mould is overcutWeld and rework the overcut parts 
7Low strength or rigidity of mouldIncrease the thickness of template/increase templates or add support pillars 
8Low parallelism of bearing surface Trim the mould so that all bearing surface can be parallel to each other 
9The mould is not completely compacted during installationReinstall and compact the mould 

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