Injection molding machine, it is also named as injection moulding machine or injection machine. It is a thermoplastic or thermoset plastic molds made of various shapes of plastic products, the main molding equipment. Divided into vertical, horizontal, all-electric. The injection molding machine can heat the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic, causing it to fill and fill the mold cavity. Injection molding machine is widely used in the world.
So, How many kinds of injection molding machine are there?
Today, Sanshun machine talk about the classification of injection molding machines. Due to the structure and type of injection molded products are more, so the injection molding machine used to shape the injection molding machine type is also more. Injection molding machine according to the following ways to classify:
1. According to the plasticization of raw materials and injection methods of classification.
(1) Plunger Injection Molding Machine
(2) Reciprocating Screw Injection Molding Machine 
(3) Screw Molding Plunger Injection Molding Machine
2. According to the different shape of the injection molding machine classification.
(1) vertical injection molding machine
(2) horizontal Injection Molding Machine
(3) angle Injection Molding Machine
(4) multimode Injection Molding Machine
(5) modular Injection Molding Machine
3 According to the processing capacity of injection molding machine classification.
(1) Mini Injection Molding Machine
(2) Small Injection Molding Machine
(3) Medium Injection Molding Machine
(4) Large Injection Molding Machine
(5) Huge Injection Molding Machine 
4. According to the special purpose injection machine classification.
(1) Universal Injection Molding Machine
(2) Exhaust Injection Molding Machine
(3) Precision High-Speed Injection Machine
(4) Plastic Injection Molding Machine
(5) Double injection head two mold injection machine
5. According to their use of the type of drive system.
(1) Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine 
(2) Mechanical Injection Molding Machine 
(3) Electric Injection Molding Machine 
(4) Hybrid Injection Molding Machine
Injection molding machine is divided into more than 20 kinds,
Are you clear now?

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