• SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine
  • SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine
  • SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine
  • SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine
  • SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine

SHE100 Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine

Series :Fixed Pump Injection Moulding Machine


Model :SHE100

Applications : For making plastic products

SANSHUN Machinery is one of the top 10 Chinese injection molding machinery manufacturer. We are manufacturing different types of injection molding machines, injection blow molding machine, and Auxiliary equipment. Our machines had been exported to more than 60 countries.

Sanshun Fix Pump equipped Plastic Injection Molding Machines A fixed-displacement pump has a set flow rate — every stroke of the motor moves the same amount of fluid. The simplest type of fixed-displacement pump is the gear pump, in which the hydraulic fluid is pushed by rotating gears. In some models, the gears are sequential; in the quieter and more efficient version, the gears are interlocking. Another common variation is the screw pump, which uses the classic Archimedes screw, which looks much like a drill bit, to move the fluid. They have the advantage of providing a high rate of flow at relatively low pressures. Fixed pump system provides stable output, quick response, powerful strength. The hydraulic oil flow design applied modular block technology for rapid oil transfer and dynamic system response

Simple, environmental, set flow rate, Relatively inexpensive, Easier to maintain,

fixed pump injection molding machine

Technical Parameters

Screw diametermm3638
Shot size(theoretical)Cm³143180
Shot weightg128162
Injection pressureMpa183164
Injection rateg/s9098
Screw L/D ratioL/D21.620.5
Screw speedr.p.m0-190
Nozzle DiameterSrmm10
Clamp tonnageKN1000
Toggle strokemm320
Mould Thicknessmm150-400
Space between tie-barsmm385X350
Ejector strokemm125
Ejector tonnageKN50
Ejector numberPiece5
Hole Diametermm100
Heat powerKW8.2
Max. pump pressureMPa16
Pump motor power(servo)KW13
Pump motor power (fixed pump)KW11
Valve Sizemm10
Machine dimensionm4.3X1.3X1.65
Machine weightt3.4
Oil tank capacityL160


Platen Dimensions 

Small size injection molding machine

Advantages & Features

  • .Hard-Chrome Plated High-Tensile Steel Tie-Bars with Stress-Relieve-Design

  • .Nitride Hardened Screw and Barrel for wear resistance and long life

  • .High Torque Hydraulic motor for driven plasticizing Screw Counter

  • .Injection device control position

  • .Modular injection unit design offering a wide choice for shot weights

  • .Precise Screw System with optimized design

  • .Double cylinder balanced injection unit

  • .Hopper Sliding Arrangement for material removal

  • .High strength mould platen

  • .Linear transducer controls Clamping, Injection, and Ejection

  • .High Wear Resistance & High Strength Characters Gear Nut (Tie bar Nut) gives Rigid &  Positive Clamping force

  • .Abnormal errors alarm function with motor safety protection device

  • .PID Temperature Controller for Accurate Control

  • .PID temperature control with a high precision electronic ruler

  • .Low-pressure mold protection device

  • .Multi-stage injection speed, refilling speed and the pressure setting

  • .Progressive Type auto grease lubrication system

  • .Heavy-duty toggle design give trouble free precise clamping force for long period

  • .Anti-vibrating pads with stronger dampening

  • .Hydraulic tank low oil level alarming

  • .High-efficiency oil filter device to extend the normal life of the hydraulic oil

  • .Robust & Rugged 5 points toggle clamp with large mould opening stroke

  • .Shaking ejector for multi-cavity mold

  • .High-performance and Large colour LCD display screen

  • .Machine motor stop whiling rear gates opening

  • .High precision suction filter

  • .Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic triple chain security protection ( large, medium machine)

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