Mold opening and locking is the most prone to vibration, and vibration has a greater impact on the life and stability of the machine, so please pay attention to the following matters when adjusting mold opening and locking:


The slow mold opening speed is the speed at which the mold starts, so the speed is below the medium speed, and the slow medium pressure is generally used. Because the template deforms a certain amount to generate the clamping force when the mold is locked, the starting pressure can be appropriately larger, generally About 50%, the slow position depends on the model, generally when the mold is opened to a little bit position, to reduce the mold opening time, turn to the rapid mold opening.

The rapid mold opening speed pressure can be appropriately larger to reduce the mold opening time, but the rapid mold opening position and the deceleration mold opening position must be properly separated, because the impact and inertia during rapid mold opening are relatively large, and a certain distance must be taken to eliminate The influence of inertia on the end position of mold opening.


But if the distance is too large, the mold opening time will be prolonged. The deceleration mold opening speed pressure can be adjusted to a small value, generally around 10-20, as long as it can support the minimum power of the template to overcome the resistance. Try not to have an impact rebound when the mold opening is terminated. Because the acceleration at the moment of rebound is very large, the wear on the hinge is also very large, and the end position of the mold opening cannot be stabilized in a small range.


The rapid clamping speed can be appropriately large to reduce the mold transfer time, but the pressure does not need to be too large. The rapid clamping position should be greater than the product thickness, and the low-pressure clamping should be used in the position to reach the product thickness. The low-pressure mold clamping speed is generally controlled within 30%, and the pressure is generally 0. In particular, the mold must be controlled to the minimum after offsetting the resistance of the mold spring/slider to achieve the purpose of low-pressure protection.

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