• crusher Manufacturers, crusher Factory, Supply crusher
  • crusher Manufacturers, crusher Factory, Supply crusher


Series :Plastic Auxiliary Machine


Model :Crusher/Grinder

Applications :Crush all kinds of waste plastics, including massive, rotundity, strip…

SANSHUN Machinery is one of the top 10 Chinese injection molding machinery manufacturer. We are manufacturing different types of injection molding machines, injection blow molding machine, and Auxiliary equipment. Our machines had been exported to more than 60 countries.

Sanshun Machinery offers total Material Management support from Auxiliary equipment products, system design, installation, technical support and customer service. Sanshun competitively delivers advanced designs and the highest quality equipment. Our technologies in material conveying, storage, drying, and blending gives you every advantage in your processing applications. We handle a variety of unique auxiliary equipment for molding with a focus on injection molding machines which are used as processing equipment. Our product lineup is extensive and various offerings are available to meet quality improvement and practical requirements of customers. We provide you with our best suggestions to meet your needs.

Heat Transfer systems, environmental, low noise, quick response, high-efficiency, high-speed automation, customized material handling systems, Easy plastics processing operations.


Standard-shape blade

Standard blade is suitable for crushing normal board material, tube material, packaging box, wrapping material and injection sprue and runner.
Power (kw)
Quantity of rotating blades9691215182430
Quantity of fixed blades22222444
Rotate speed (r/min)520720800720720620576576
Screen size (mm)Ø 8Ø 8Ø 10Ø 10Ø 10Ø 12Ø 12Ø 14
Max.breaking capacity(mm)100-150150-200200-300400-600500-700600-800700-900800-1000
Size of feeding inlet(mm)180×136230×170300×210400×240500×300600×310800×4001000×400
External size(mm)730×440×9001000×700×10501100×800×12001300×900×14001450×1050×15001500×1250×17202000×1400×21002000×1600×2100

Advantages & Features

  • .Refined & imported tool-steel blades.

  • .Integral body strong and durable for excellent performance.

  • .Separable design for easily dismounting and cleaning.

  • .Vibration-resistant design for low noise.

  • .Over-load protection and double safety protection electric motor.

Claw-shape blade

The claw-shape blade is suitable for crushing hard material, raw material and blow moulding products.
Rotating Blades (pcs)1521212430
Fixed Blades (pcs)22244
Screen Size (mm)Ø10Ø10Ø10Ø12Ø12
Max.Capacity (kg/hr)200-300400-600500-700600-800700-900
Feeding inlet size (mm)300×210400×240500×300600×310800×400
Rotate speed (r/min)800720720620576
Power (kw)5.57.5111522
External Size L×W×H (mm)1100×800×12001300×900×14001450×1050×15001500×1250×17202000×1400×2100
Weight (kg)4105807409801880


Slow speed online crusher

Quantity of rotating blades99
Quantity of fixed blades22
Screen size(mm)Ø 7Ø 7
Rotate speed(r/min)520620
Max.breaking capacity(kg/hr)120200
Size of feeding inlet(mm)180×160230×160
External size(mm)750×550×1180920×620×1330

Advantages & Features

  • .Low speed, less dust, less noise, and less energy consumption. 

  • .Suitable for crushing thin-wall products.

  • .Equipped with double limit switch, emergency stop button. 

  • .Small in size and efficiency for recycling.

  • .Recovery can be completed within 30 seconds.

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