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Mould temperature controller

Series :Plastic Auxiliary Machine


Model :Mould temperature controller

Applications :keep a proper stable temperature in the process of mold forming so as to guarantee high quality of products and raise the productive efficiency

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Mold Temperature Controller

Technical Parameters

ModelTemperature (℃)Heat capacity (kw)Pump power (kw)Pump flux (L/min)Pump pressure (m)Mold Connecting External size L×W×H (mm)Weight (kg)
SCM-6-WWater 95℃(120℃)60.3740303/8"2×2580×350×78062
SCM-6-OOil 170℃ (200℃)60.3740303/8"2×2580×350×78075

Advantages & Features

  • . Hot medium liquid : water or oil convertibly

Either water or oil can be used as a hot medium liquid according to the needs of mold forming temperature. Its high selectivity is

certain to bring in high economic efficiency.

  • . Vertical pump

The flow of vertical pump can be always kept steady and its service life keeps long.

  • . Stainless medium tank

This interior tank will not get rust for long term, which is sure to prevent from any blockade of pipes and keep long-term service of


  • . Transparent water (oil) level viewer

The transparent water (oil) level viewer can easily be used to view and inspect the quantity of medium liquid and be reminded to

refill the medium liquid from time to time.

  • . Automatic alarming device

While water (oil) shortage occurs in the container, this device will automatically light up and start alarming and cut off the electric

power of heaters and pumps, thus to guarantee their safety.

  • . High-precision automatic temperature control

The measure of temperature is very sensitive and accurate, little change of temperature helps to keep products both fine and


  • . Minimze products wastage

The mold can reach the required temperature right at the beginning of operation, thus can obviously minimize products shortage.

  • . Maintain proper temperature.

Either in continuous operation or in temporary shutting down, mold-forming temperature can always be kept proper to guarantee

the best quality of products and further improve the forming process.

  • . Compact in size, light in weight

Easy to install, convenient to operate, convenient to move and little room to occupy.

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