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Dehumidifying, drying and feeding unit (3 in 1)

Series :Plastic Auxiliary Machine


Model :Dehumidifying, drying and feeding unit

Applications : Efficient dehumidification and drying plastic materials, keeping temperature then loading raw material & granules automatically

SANSHUN Machinery is one of the top 10 Chinese injection molding machinery manufacturer. We are manufacturing different types of injection molding machines, injection blow molding machine, and Auxiliary equipment. Our machines had been exported to more than 60 countries.

Sanshun Machinery offers total Material Management support from Auxiliary equipment products, system design, installation, technical support and customer service. Sanshun competitively delivers advanced designs and the highest quality equipment. Our technologies in material conveying, storage, drying, and blending gives you every advantage in your processing applications. We handle a variety of unique auxiliary equipment for molding with a focus on injection molding machines which are used as processing equipment. Our product lineup is extensive and various offerings are available to meet quality improvement and practical requirements of customers. We provide you with our best suggestions to meet your needs.

Heat Transfer systems, environmental, low noise, quick response, high-efficiency, high-speed automation, customized material handling systems, Easy plastics processing operations.

Technical Parameters

Drying system 
Heat insulation barrels capacity (L)801201602303004506007509001200
Dry heater power (kw)3667.2121518212424
Dry blow power (kw)0.551.12.22.23345.55.55.5
Dehumidifying system 
Dehumidification air volume (m/hr)9090120150200300400500700700
Renewable electric power (kw)
Renewable blow power (kw)0.370.370.550.550.750.751.
Loading system 
Loader blow power (kw)1.751.751.751.752.
Suction pipe (inch)
Photoelectric hopper (L)66612121212121212
Standard hopper (L)666666661212
External size (mm)length1200120013001500160017001700210021002100

Advantages & Features

  • .Dehumidifying, drying and feeding unit equipped honeycomb dehumidifier.

  • .Suitable for engineering plastics such as PA,PC,PBT,PET.etc and rubber.

  • .Dew-point monitor indicator for selection.

  • .Bottom blowing designed moisture proof drying material tube ensures heat energy, temperature preservation and improve drying efficiency.

  • .Airtight loop feeding system, prevent the dried raw material to be re-moisture by contact external air.

  • .Double cooler dehumidifying system guarantees low temperature on air and dew-point.

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