As complicated as plastic injection molding might sound to a consumer, it is a very common manufacturing method used to create a host of everyday items. From intricate, complex components to larger objects, injection molding plastic is incredibly versatile. Below are just a few objects we come across each day, many of which are made from plastic injection molding.

Automotive Dashboards and Bumpers

Every time you get into your vehicle, you are surrounded by injection molded plastic components. The dashboard, for example, most likely is made from plastic injection molding. The buttons on the radio, the controls for automatic windows, the plastic cup holders — all made the same way. And it’s not just the interior. Automotive bumpers are also made this way.


Lids of all sorts are made from plastic injection molding. That includes plastic bottle caps, plastic cup lids and the lids for prescription drug containers (not to mention the bottles themselves).

Electrical Switches

The electrical switches used to turn on the lights or to power your coffee maker are injection molding plastics. Your entire electrical system depends on plastic injection molding for reliable, consistently designed plastic components.

DVDs and CDs

It might come as a surprise, but discs of many kinds — CDs and DVDs included — are made from injection molding. And then there are the plastic cases used to hold them. If you store your CDs in a plastic shelf, then you’ve got even more products made this way. When you count the plastic television or CD player cabinets, the list goes on and on.

Medical Devices

The healthcare industry relies on plastics more than any other, as plastics are versatile, lightweight, sanitary and replaceable. Many medical devices used in medical facilities and at home by patients are made from plastic injection molding. That includes plastic syringes, containers and some tools used in actual medical procedures

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