injection molding machine

(1)Production workshop

The layout of the production workshop focuses on two aspects: meeting the production requirements, optimizing the layout according to the production process, and meeting the requirements for flexible energy use under specific production conditions.

1. The power supply has an appropriate margin while satisfying the power required for stable production, and the surplus is not too large, resulting in no function consumption.

2. Construct an efficient cooling water circulation facility and equip the cooling water system with an effective insulation and insulation system.

3. Optimize the overall production layout of the workshop. Many productions have successive processes, and reasonable cooperation can reduce the time and energy consumption required for turnover and improve production efficiency.

4. Consider the most effective small units for separate control of lighting and other plant equipment.

5, regular maintenance of the workshop equipment, to avoid damage to the public facilities, affecting the normal operation of production, resulting in increased energy consumption.

injection blow machine

(2)Injection molding machine

The injection molding machine is a large energy consumer in the injection molding workshop, and the energy consumption is mainly two parts of the motor and the heating.

1. Select the appropriate injection molding machine according to the characteristics of the product. The “big horse trolley” type of injection molding often means a lot of energy waste.

2. Select an injection molding machine with excellent energy saving effect.

3, using new heating technology, such as electromagnetic induction heating, infrared heating, etc., can achieve 20-70% heating and energy saving.

4. Use effective insulation and insulation measures for heating and cooling systems to reduce heat and cold losses.

5. Maintain good lubrication of the transmission components of the equipment and reduce the energy consumption caused by increased friction or unstable operation of the equipment.

6. Use low-compression hydraulic oil to reduce the waste of working energy in the hydraulic system.

7, using parallel motion, multi-cavity injection molding, multi-component injection molding and other processing technologies can significantly save energy.

8. Regularly maintain the heating and cooling pipelines to ensure that there are no impurities and scales inside the pipelines, and achieve the heating and cooling efficiency of the design.

9. Ensure that the injection molding machine is in good working condition. Unstable processing can result in defective products and increase energy consumption.

10. Ensure that the equipment used is suitable for the products being processed. For example, PVC is often required to use special screws.

(3)Injection mold

Mold structure and mold conditions often have a significant impact on the injection molding cycle and processing energy consumption.

1. Reasonable mold design, including runner design, gate form, number of cavities, heating and cooling water channels, etc., all help to reduce energy consumption.

2, the use of hot runner mold, not only can save materials, reduce material recovery energy consumption, the molding process itself also has significant energy-saving effects.

3, contouring fast cooling fast hot mold can significantly save processing energy consumption and achieve better surface quality.

4, to ensure balanced filling of each cavity, help to shorten the molding cycle, ensure product quality uniformity, and have excellent energy-saving effects.

5. Using CAE-assisted design technology for mold design, mold flow analysis and simulation, can reduce the energy consumption of mold debugging and multiple mold repair.

6. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, the use of lower clamping force to shape, help to extend the life of the mold, which is conducive to the rapid filling of the mold, which helps energy saving.

7. Do a good job of mold maintenance to ensure effective heating and cooling waterway conditions.

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